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registered insurance broker 022438PM - registered insurance agent 022437PA

SPOLEČNOST MV s.r.o. is a czech company, which deal with complex insurance services and financial consultantship. The company employs people with long-time experiences in insurance and financial consultantship branch. We keep and respect the ethic rules of Association of Czech Insurance Brokers. We guarantee for the quality and results of our work and we take care about the level of our services.
In spite of that we are insured against loss towards third party persons (profesional responsibility) on ammount 32.000.000 CZK. We have acquired a prestige place on market with help of long-time and strong-minded work, scope and quality of offered services. We maitain about 20.000 insurance policies and deposit contracts now. We cooperate with all importand insurance companies and banks, which are working on czech market.

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